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Smart Garage Doors

Alerts and Reminders

Never forget to close your garage door again.  We’ll remind you, and you can close it with one simple click.

Remote Control

Easily open your garage door for a neighbor with our award-winning mobile app.

Home Automation

Do more with a smart garage door that seamlessly integrates with your home automation and security.

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How It Works

Smart Upgrade

We’ll make your existing garage door opener smart by installing a special gateway and controller in your garage and will program it to communicate with your SmartNetwork SMART Hub. 

Connected App

Your new smart garage door controller will be monitored and controlled via our all-in-one home automation mobile App. 

Compatible Openers

Most existing openers can easily be converted, as long as they have a program/learn button and a safety/photo eye.

Control Your Overhead Garage Door from Anywhere

Easy Operation

Open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world with the click of a button on your mobile device or internet connected computer. 

Quick Status Check

Quickly view your garage door’s status – Is it open or closed right now? 

Review History

Easily see when your garage doors were opened and closed for a clear picture of what’s been going on at home. 

Alerts and Reminders

Did I remember to close the garage door?

Never wonder again! We’ll remind you if you leave home without closing it, or if it is left open for an extended period of time. Easily check the status of your garage door anytime on your mobile device, and open or close it with just a touch. 

Custom Notifications

Receive push notifications or text alerts to the devices you specify when the garage door opens or closes – every time, by anyone, or only during certain hours by certain people. Adding Garage Door Automation to your smart security system is sure to add a new level of convenience and efficiency.

Create your Perfect Smart Home

Easily add Home Automation components to your Smart Security System for unprecedented control of your entire home with a single award-winning App.

Installation Included


Professional Installation

Our licensed installers are experts in security and smart home technology. They will help you choose the best lock(s) for your doors and won’t leave until it all looks good and works well. 

Expert Programming

What makes our smart locks great is how they interact with your security system and other smart home components. Our professional installers will connect your new locks to the smart hub and get your mobile app up and running.  

Thorough Training

No need to fumble through trying to figure out your new smart system. Our helpful technicians will fully demonstrate your new smart hub, mobile app and smart lock until you feel comfortable and safe.  

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